Desert Campus New Opening Hour Starts May 1

As of May 1, Skydive Dubai Desert Campus will be opening at 6:30am with the first load at 7:00am, Tuesday – Sunday. Weather permitting operations will continue until 4pm. Flight-1 canopy courses will continue until the end of May.

The Palm will continue operating Monday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm, weather permitting.

Both drop zones are scheduled to close June 1 with operations resuming September 1.

The Desert Campus DZ caters to adrenaline junkies who prefer to skydive solo, offering First Jump Courses (FJC) through the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program for those who wish to begin their skydiving journey.

For the initiated there are even more options to advance with a dedicated flight school, which offers formation skydiving, freefly, canopy, and wingsuit coaching at the Desert Campus, as well as free load organising.

No booking ahead needed for fun jumping. Please just come with all of your documents.
Please bring the following with you when coming to skydive with us at the Desert Campus:
•    Valid photo id
•    Valid skydiving license
•    Reserve data card must be on file prior to manifesting
•    Highest exit altitude is 12,500 feet

We have shared rental rig pricing and other costs for licensed skydivers only here on our website:

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There is an onsite hotel at the Desert Campus that is close to the main building.
Be sure to let them know you are a skydiver visiting the Desert Campus to receive the special rate. Click here to go to their website for more information and to book.

Traveling to and from the drop zone

Download and use the KOI App to secure a discounted ride to and from the drop zone.
Click here to get all the details.