Desert FS Skills Camp September 4: New Tunnel Option

The next Desert FS skills camp will be running on Friday, September 4, at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus. Now is the time to grab your limited slot by signing up ahead of time.

This monthly camp is for licensed skydivers at any level who wish to progress their belly flying skills.
3-4 ways for A licensed jumpers who wish to work towards their skills required for B license.
Up to 10 ways for more experienced jumpers who wish to achieve the requirements for C license, or just want to have some fun.

Please bring 4 normal altitude jump tickets ready to meet your coach at 6:30am. We may or may not get all 4 jumps done, but we will try our best as always! Remember the drop zone will be on new hours: 6:30am till 2:pm, weather permitting.

As a bonus we would also like to offer group coaching in the wind tunnel after the skills camp for anyone interested. We have time booked 14:00 till 15:30. To join this part of the day we require that you have previous tunnel experience to be able to fly with other people. The cost of this will depend on the number of groups and number of flyers in your group.

There are limited slots available so please contact Mishka directly at or see Mishka, Lazslo or Jane in the belly school to confirm for both the jumping and tunnel parts of the day. It is possible to just do the jumping, or just the tunnel, or both!

Note: due to the skills camp there will be no A Licence coaching available on September 4th, but everyone is welcome to come fun jump solo.

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