Even More Instructional Ratings Courses at the Desert Campus

If you’ve ever dreamt of leaving the 9 to 5 behind and becoming a professional skydiver, you’re definitely not alone. Anyone who has ever finished an AFF course has probably considered it at one time or another. So what’s stopping you from hanging up the shirt and tie, and donning a pair of shorts and a rig for work?

The Desert Campus is running instructional courses for coach, AFF, and tandem ratings from September until November. Get your name on the list. It could change your life.

Course Dates
October 28 to 30: Coach Rating Course

November 1 to 6: Tandem Instructional Rating Course*

November 3-6: Tandem Instructional Rating Course

November 11-13: Coach Rating Course

November 17-23: AFF Instructional Rating Course

*Length of courses dependent on the number of students in each course, and may be shorter than stated.

There are obvious advantages to leaving the desk job behind – An office at 13,000 feet, hanging out at the dropzone (and getting paid to do it!), a relaxed working environment, and most importantly, you’ll get to introduce people to the sport you love as a coach, AFF or tandem instructor.

The Coach Rating course is the first step on the journey to becoming a skydiving professional, and enables successful candidates to help teach the non-method specific sections of the First Jump Course (FJC), and coach student skydivers who have passed AFF and are progressing towards an A licence.

To gain a coach rating you must have a B licence and a minimum of 100 skydives, be 18 years of age and have a copy of the Instructional Rating Manual (IRM) available from the Desert Campus gear store.

The AFF Instructional Rating course is for those who want to take their skydiving career to the next level. AFF instructors introduce others to the amazing world of skydiving, teach First Jump Courses (FJC), and of course skydive with students progressing through the AFF programme.

To be eligible for the AFF Instructional Ratings course candidates must have held a coach rating for a minimum of 12 months, or have at least 500 skydives using a ram-air canopy. Other requirements include, a C licence, at least 6 hours logged freefall time and a copy of the Instructional Rating Manual (IRM), available at the Desert Campus gear store.

The Tandem Instructional Rating Course enables successful candidates to take passengers for their first skydive, and is the arguably the most advantageous rating to have for those considering a career in skydiving.

Requirements for the Tandem Instructional Rating course include a minimum of three years in the sport with documented evidence of at least 500 skydives using a ram-air canopy, a D licence, and a copy of the Instructional Rating Manual (IRM) available at the Desert Campus gear store

For coach, AFF and Tandem ratings courses, a completed proficiency card – available in the IRM – is required prior to the date of the selected course.

For more information or to sign-up, contact Skydive Dubai Desert Campus using the contact form on the Desert Campus briefing page, and choose the relevant course option.

Leave the 9 to 5 behind and measure life in altitude, not hours.

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