Freefall Upwards with Skydive Dubai and GliderFX

Back in March the GliderFX team brought us up and kicked us out over the Palm and the Desert Campus, and now they’re back at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus to do it all again from December 6 to 11 and for the duration of the Dubai Winter Festival!

Whether you are a skydiver or not, everyone can participate. Non-skydivers can go for an aerobatic flight and experienced skydivers can opt to be ejected from the glider.

“It’s the most acrobatic two seater glider ever, ever, ever!” according to GliderFX pilot Guy Westgate. The glider has a 14 metre wingspan, top speed of 175 miles per hour, and reach G-forces of +9 to negative 6!

The aerobatic glider flight (for non-skydivers) is a high-speed thrill ride that barrel rolls, loops and twists across the sky, so even if you’re not a skydiver and above the minimum age of 14 (by Gregorian calendar), you can feel the g-forces on the ultimate roller coaster flight!

Skydiving from a glider is definitely a unique type of exit. You don’t even have to jump, the glider pilot will ‘eject’ you and you’ll actually begin a freefall ascent (yes, freefalling upwards!) of about 100 miles per hour before gravity takes over!

As the freefall ascent slows, you’ll experience a stasis, momentarily suspended in the air, before beginning your freefall descent. During your freefall and under canopy the pilot – an eight-time national aerobatic champion and double world record holder – can even come and ‘play’ by performing fly-bys!

All glider skydives also include the raw video footage from the wing and the chassis, you can of course bring your own helmet-mounted cameras and handi-cams for that first person ‘ejection’ point of view.

For glider skydives a minimum of a B licence and 100 skydives is required. Wingsuit jumps from the glider are only permitted with direct permission from dropzone management or the chief instructor.

Aerobatic Glider flights are AED 850, while glider skydives booked before December 26 are AED 1,500. Last minute bookings are not discounted and will set you back AED 1,750. GliderFX retains the right to refuse customers who do not adhere to requirements.

It’s the ultimate roller coaster ride in the sky, and whether you want to go for a ride, or get propelled from the passenger seat you can get in on the action!

It’s “one of the most amazing skydives I have experienced so far,” said Shavon Simpson after her ‘ejection’ at the Desert Campus.

The gliders are at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus all this week until December 11, and they’ll be back again during Winter Fest. Book your flight or ejection now for this week or pre-book for Dubai Winter Festival.

At A Glance

GliderFX is offering flights to non-skydivers and experienced skydivers at the Desert Campus only from December 7 to 11 to December 26 to January 5.

Experienced (Licenced) Skydivers Requirements for the glider skydive option

B-licence or equivalent and 100 jumps

Any Wingsuit jumps must get permission from the Desert Campus or Chief Instructor prior

Jump flight booked before December 26… AED1500

Jump flight booked after December 26… AED1750

For the non-skydiver aerobatic flight option

Minimum age is 14 (Gregorian calendar)

Max height allowed is 6ft 2inches

Aerobatic flight… AED850

Payment method

Cash only (UAE Dirhams)

Please contact the GliderFX team directly via the form below for more information and to book.

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