Fun jump the Palm DZ with 300 jumps (and a few more requirements)

Keep calm and come fun jump the Palm Drop Zone (DZ)!

For the second year in a row, a fun jumper with 300 jumps (and a few more requirements) is welcome to skydive in Dubai’s sunny skies at Skydive Dubai Palm DZ all year.

Looking for the Desert Campus Drop Zone briefing? Click here to read that briefing.

Looking for first time (tandem) skydiving information… cost & requirements? Kindly click here.

    2016 Licensed Skydiver Briefing for Fun Jumping the Palm DZ

A licensed skydiver with 300 jumps or more, a USPA C license (or it’s equivalent), proof of Flight–1 101 & 102 canopy control courses (or their equivalent), along with proof of valid third party liability and personal injury insurance may fun jump the Palm DZ. Your parachute will be inspected by our rigging loft prior to your first skydive.

Fun jumpers who have a USPA D license (or it’s equivalent) without canopy courses are also welcome. You will still need to provide proof of valid third party liability and personal injury insurances.

Come exit at 13,000ft / 4000m with us! No pre-booking required, just come and we’ll do our best to get you on the next load. Thank you for choosing to skydive in Dubai!

    Required documents to fun jump the Palm DZ:

• Current paper logbook with all jumps and signatures
• Waiver …a new one must be filled out every year
• Flight-1 certification from 101 and 102 canopy control (or it’s equivalent) courses
• Reserve pack
• Valid licenses and memberships (Remember to renew before you arrive.)
• Third party liability insurance
• Personal injury insurance

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    Potential insurance resources for fun jumping in the UAE:

• Emirates Aerosports Federation license includes insurance coverage for the UAE.
Request the form onsite at Palm DZ manifest. After completing the form and paying for the fee, you will need to give the form to Mr. Mohammed Yousuf.

The resources below are only listed to assist skydivers to find third liability insurance for the UAE.
• Bupa International:
• International Health Insurance Companies:

    Drop Zone Hours:

The Palm Drop Zone is open all year round, weather permitting. However, our daily business hours do change throughout the year. Check our Contact Us page for current hours. Click here to go there now.

    Rigging loft hours:

You will need to have your parachute inspected by our riggers prior to manifesting. Our drop zone rigging loft hours are the same as the drop zones. To contact the rigging loft directly, go to our Contact Us page Palm DZ department directory.

Security will not allow access to the drop zone after business hours. Please do not contact Skydive Dubai management or staff after business hours to request special access to the drop zone to collect gear left inside the loft or inside the operations building.

    Jump ticket prices, load organising, gear rental and more:

We encourage fun jumpers new to Skydive Dubai to check out the experienced section of our website for jump ticket prices, gear rental pricing, and other services offered at our drop zones:

Keep up with operational updates from both drop zones. Sign up for our exclusive licensed skydivers newsletter by clicking here.

Daily load organizing is available with Skydive Dubai staff. Request upon arrival.

Planning to come with team or a big group? Please email Manifest prior to your arrival at This is to allow us time to check plane availability, allow us to communicate any planned closures to your group and to ensure a smooth manifest experience upon arrival.

    Location, Accommodations, and Visa information:

Location and directions: click here.

Accommodation recommendations:

We are located in a large metropolitan city with many choices for staying close to the Palm DZ. Areas close to the drop zone are Dubai Marina, JBR, Palm Jumeirah Island and Dubai Media City. Head on over to Visit Dubai, the official tourism site for Dubai, to get ideas. (Our Desert Campus does offer a onsite hotel at the drop zone due to it’s location outside of the city.)

Visa and Entry information:

Kindly go to Visit Dubai for the complete information about UAE entry information and cultural questions.


I have not taken any canopy control courses yet. Can I take them at Skydive Dubai and when do they take place?
Yes, Skydive Dubai Desert Campus offers the course all year long with flexible dates. Click here to find out more and register your interest with the course instructor.

Do I need to pre-book my jump dates and check-in times?
No, we only require reservations for our tandem customers. Please just come with all the required documents as listed above for a smooth manifest experience. Teams and large groups are asked to contact Manifest prior to your arrival at

I don’t have 300 jumps yet. Can I still fun jump the Palm DZ?
Sorry, but you must meet stated briefing requirements for a safe, but enjoyable experience. We do have our Desert Campus Drop Zone where all jump and skill levels are welcomed. Or book in a tandem skydive to experience the thrill of skydiving at the Palm DZ.

Click here for Desert Campus hours, location and drop zone information.

I am traveling to Dubai during 2016 to fun jump. Will you be open?
Once planned closures of drop zones are confirmed they are listed on our Contact Us page.
We also share the information, especially last minute updates, in our licensed skydiver newsletter and on our social media channels. Sign up for the newsletter here:

Please note that in December, for the past five years, we have held special events / competitions during the first two weeks of December where one or both drop zones are closed to public skydiving, but open to visitors. Expect the drop zone to be closed a little before and a little bit after the competition dates.

I need to get in some wind tunnel time. Do you have one there and can I book my tunnel time with you?
Inflight Dubai is our local wind tunnel. Contact them directly for bookings, location and general information:

I want to exit from a balloon. How and when does this take place?
Ballon jumping takes place all year around, weather permitting, at our Desert Campus Drop Zone. You must own your rig and meet other requirements. Get more information by contacting the balloon pilot directly at

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