Skydive 7 Days A Week at Palm DZ in February

Starting February 1, Skydive Dubai Palm DZ will begin to be open on Sunday’s. Currently the Palm DZ is only open from Monday through Saturday from 10am – 6pm.

Reservations are now being accepted for those who would like to skydive, weather permitting, Monday through Sunday, in February.

Unfortunately, due to limited plane availability on Sundays, we will not be able to accommodate licensed skydivers. Fun jumpers are welcome Monday through Saturday.

Click here to discover cost and requirements for a first time (tandem) skydive.

Click here to read our 2016 Palm DZ operations briefing for advanced fun jumpers.

Information and bookings for Skyhub by Skydive Dubai gyrocopter introductory flights available by emailing

Save money! Arrive and depart the drop zone by booking your transportation with the KOI Ride App and receive a 20% discount. Information about the discount is on our Contact Us page.

See you in Dubai skies in February!