Vertical World Record Training Camp this October

The Desert Campus will play host to the Vertical World Record (VWR) training camp this October as they prepare for a 100 way vertical formation, which would smash the current record of 63.

All qualified skydivers, male and female, are welcome to attend the Vertical World Record training camp. The camp is organized by Anna Moxnes and Amy Chmelecki, two of the foremost female skydivers in the world, who will also oversee the record attempt.

Over the course of three days, October 21 to 23, participants will complete a planned 15 skydives weather permitting, and can join optional wind tunnel training sessions in the evenings, to really work up to the pin-point precision needed.

But, you don’t need thousands of skydives under your belt (although it might help). Anyone can register, as long as they can fly head-down on level, maintain their specific slot relative to a base, turn 180 degrees, and back track safely at break-off maintaining their heading.

Registration for the training camp costs AED 500 and jump tickets are AED 100 each.

To register use the contact form on the Desert Campus Briefing page.

For any queries regarding the training camp, use same contact form above to request further information.

Fly fast. Fly safe, and register now here.

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