Wingsuit Acrobatic Fun Competition

Skydive Dubai Desert Campus will host its first Wingsuit Acrobatics competition on April 1. The competition is an informal event designed to test and enhance acrobatic skills.

Teams of 2 will perform manoeuvres from the intermediate divepool consisting of figures A, B, C, D, E, and G. That’s the “up and over”, “rock and roll”, “revolutions”, “roll over”, “fruity loops”, and “déjà vu” respectively. All figures with examples can be viewed at If you don’t have a partner, it will be possible to be paired on the day. Slots are limited to 8 competitors.

There will be 4 rounds of docked formations and 1 round of freestyle. The freestyle round will be composed of moves chosen entirely by the team, and all rounds will have a dedicated camera flyer.

5 seconds will be allowed on exit for teams to get on heading and into position, and each round will then have 55 seconds of working time. Points will be awarded for each successful dock after completion of the prescribed move.

Jumps for each round will be chosen by lottery on the day.

Stay tuned – registration and entrance details to follow.

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